Hi, my name is Ron.

I’ve been involved with technology since the early eighties when I bought my first computer, a Sinclair ZX81 computer with a whopping 1KB of RAM.
ZX Spectrum followed, QL... After that my interests leaned towards Bulletin Board Systems and Amiga. So I  started the 'AHWBBS' - Amiga Hardware BBS, first on a Amiga 500 with an US Robotics HST modem (import) attached, later added USR Dual Standard model , it had an external xxMB hard-drive connected via an ST-506 controller.
Later I upgraded it to an Amiga 2000 with an ISDN card built in, even added SCSI tape backup using DC-6525 tapes (wow 525 MB native capacity!) I used Xenolink as BBS software, very clever multitasking BBS software. Wrote some software for Xenolink too.

 Ron Klinkien
 E-Mail   : ron@ahwbbs.xs4all.nl
 Projects : ProbeSCSI
            For Xenolink :
              filetools (FileCatalogue tools), CheckFileCat, DelFile,
              LastCallers/Real, ShortComment, TickTalk, UpTime, Asp,
              SetDOSComment, TheJoker, RBulk, PostMan, ChatPage

That’s all, have a .DF4z($S… NO CARRIER

This was one of my BBS ASCII art banners:

| Ron Klinkien         | 'Hey, we could get Butthead to sit on a glass and   |
| r..@ahwbbs.xs4all.nl |  fart.' 'What's so scientific about that?'          |
| Amiga Hardware BBS   | 'Nothin'. Until you light it.' -- Beavis & Butthead |
| +31-1840-99935 (USR V34 & ISDN 64Kb) or +31-1840-90323 (USR V32bis,  HST)  |
-- Via Xenolink 1.95, XenolinkUUCP 1.0

Later I started repairing stuff (and breaking some), started working as Electronic Engineer repairing devices on SMD component level for some time, evolved to being an SUN Microsystems Engineer (SunOS 4.1, Solaris 2.6).

I also tried my first Unix OS called MINIX for Amiga. Went via early FreeBSD versions to Linux systems. I am a fan of Linux, but not a fanatic.
But I must admit that I heavily use my Linux desktop computer, and only use Windows at/for work.

I now work as a Senior Systems Engineer with a special interest in Security, Linux, Open-Source.

Outside of work I am the author of DomotiGa (open-source Home Automation software for Linux) which started as a rewrite of Misterhouse.

I still repair stuff if asked (broken iPhone displays for Family) Mac Books, hack electronics etc.

If you have any feedback or questions, please let me know!

TL;DR My name is Ron, had a few computers, wrote some software... in
fact still doing that... I also void warranties.

I hope you like my blog and thanks for visiting!

RDNZL, aka CyberJunky.

Please mail me your contact details and a short message via address below and I will try to answer your query as soon as possible.

ron (at) cyberjunky (dot) nl