Using cadaver to download files from webDAV

· 1 min read

My Ubuntu installation refuses to mount a particular webdave share.
Using a share and GUI browser is for Windows users anyway.

So I used cadaver instead!

    $ sudo apt-get cadaver

Connect to your webdav share

    $ cadaver

Enter your credentials.

Now you can use the following commands to interact with WebDav and your
local machine:

ls – Show a list of files available in the current directory.
cd – Go to the specified directory.
get – Download the specified file to your local hard drive.
mget – Download multiple files to your local hard drive.
put – Upload a file from your local hard drive to the server.
mput – Upload multiple files from your local hard drive to the server.

    dav:/webdav/DomotiGaServer/> ls
    Listing collection `/webdav/DomotiGaServer/': succeeded.
            AVControl.module                    6260  Dec  6 21:31
            Astro.module                        7050  Dec  6 21:31
    dav:/webdav/DomotiGaServer/> mget *

For local usage just put an l in front of the commands above, so lls,
lcd etc...
Happy downloading!