Reflashing my LG Chromebase back to ChromeOS

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Reflashing my LG Chromebase back to ChromeOS

With a lot of effort (back then when not much was known) I flashed my LG Chromebase (22CV241) to use Coreboot and installed Ubuntu 14.04 LTS on it.

For a while I wanted to reinstalled ChromeOS since I used it for email and viewing YouTube/Twitch only. But since I didn't saved the original BIOS file I couldn't.

Until I came across mrchromebox's script which appeared to download the BIOS from the web, and low and behold it worked.

These are the steps.

Since I already ran Ubuntu on it, I could just download the script and run it:

$ cd ~; curl -L -O; sudo bash

It looks like this:

I didn't reboot yet but used the following steps to create the Chromebook Recovery Utility to create a USB restore stick.

$ curl
$ chmod +x 
$ sudo bash

This tool is in maintenance mode.
Try the new Chromebook Recovery Utility on Chrome OS, Windows, or Mac.
For more information, visit

Working in /tmp/tmp.crosrec/
Downloading config file from

If you know the Model string displayed at the recovery screen,
type some or all of it; otherwise just press Enter: MONROE

This may take a few minutes to print the full list...

There are up to 249 recovery images to choose from:

0 - <quit>
113 - LG Chromebase (22CB25S)
  channel:  stable-channel
  pattern:   ^MONROE .4.*
114 - LG Chromebase (22CV241)
  channel:  stable-channel
  pattern:   ^MONROE .[23].*

Please select a recovery image to download: 114

ERROR:  There is not enough free space in /tmp/tmp.crosrec (it has 1606MB, we need 2829MB).

Please free up some space on that filesystem, or specify a temporary directory
on the commandline like so:


ron@ron-chromebase:~/Downloads$ df -k
Filesystem     1K-blocks    Used Available Use% Mounted on
udev             4046444       4   4046440   1% /dev
tmpfs             811580    1232    810348   1% /run
/dev/dm-0        6815456 4802424   1643780  75% /

Uh oh, not enough space.. I fixed it using the dpigs tool:

$ sudo apt install debian-goodies
$ dpigs -H
 176.1M firefox
 156.2M thunderbird
 149.2M linux-image-extra-3.16.0-77-generic
 149.1M linux-image-extra-3.16.0-30-generic
 149.0M linux-image-extra-3.16.0-45-generic
 121.2M linux-firmware
 119.1M liboxideqtcore0
 111.0M libreoffice-core
  72.6M libreoffice-common
  61.6M linux-headers-3.16.0-77

Remove the biggest packages (leaving the newest kernel there ofcourse), after freeing up enough space I re-ran the recovery script.. it went on like this:

Downloading image zipfile from

I found 2 USB drives.  We need one with at least 2215MB capacity.

0 - <quit>

1 - Use /dev/sdb 7747MB Kingston DataTraveler 102

2 - Use /dev/sdc 1039MB Kingston DataTraveler II+

Tell me what to do (or just press Enter to scan again): 1

Is this the device you want to put the recovery image on?

  /dev/sdb 7747MB Kingston DataTraveler 102

You must enter 'YES' (all uppercase) to continue: YES

I'm really going to erase this device. This will permanently ERASE
whatever you may have on that drive. You won't be able to undo it.

  /dev/sdb 7747MB Kingston DataTraveler 102

If you're sure that's correct, enter 'DoIt' now (case is important): 

If you're sure that's correct, enter 'DoIt' now (case is important): DoIt

Installing the recovery image

copying... (this may take several minutes)

Installing the recovery image

copying... (this may take several minutes)
553+1 records in
554+0 records out
2323644416 bytes (2,3 GB) copied, 982,197 s, 2,4 MB/s

Done. Remove the USB drive and insert it in your Chrome notebook.

Shall I remove the temporary files now? [y/n] 

Rebooted with the recovery USB inserted and restored the ChromeOS by following the steps on-screen.

All fine it booted ChromeOS, but I could get it out of developer mode using SPACE BAR, because of this error:


If you try to boot with it set you'll see the dev mode screen, but pressing spacebar will cause a  beep and this message.

To get back to normal behavior I did this:
* Boot into developer mode
* Switch to console shell (Ctrl-Alt-F2)
* Login as root and run this command:

# /usr/share/vboot/bin/ 0

It looks like this, so even though I got a lot of warnings it worked, and I could enable the Check OS settings again upon next boot.

WARNING: It deletes locally saved data and settings, you have to setup your ChromeOS from start.

Resources: : Custom coreboot firmware and firmware utilities for your Chromebook/Chromebox

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