SIEMENS 5WG1 260-1AB01 Binary Inputs

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SIEMENS 5WG1 260-1AB01 Binary Inputs

I needed binary inputs which could handle 230 Volt and simply have the option to send On, Off or Toggle to a Group Address using standard light switches with rocker-  and push switches. (for a good user experience)

I came across a batch of old SIEMENS N260 4-fold binary inputs, for 10 Euro each, so I bought them,

Just before placing the order I noticed that they have no KNX connector but use a data-rail connection, upon request I got a free piece of data-rail (5WG1190-8AB03) with it.

Problem solved and I could also connect other adjacent SIEMENS modules at the same time.

Looking for the KNX application to load into ETS5 I noticed there are 4 different versions.

Long story short; I experimented with the 'On/off/toggle/Dim/Shutter' version for a long time, and I couldn't select a toggle option so it didn't do what I wanted, bad buy.

But today I again fiddled with them and tried the 'On/off/toggle/cycl' firmware, and low and behold I could just disable the cyclic sending part and the toggle works perfectly, and if I add the Central GA for 'All On/Off' to the object states stay synced nicely!

Parameters for rocker switch toggle functionality
Parameters for push button toggle functionality