KNX Basic Training

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KNX Basic Training

A month ago I came across an online E-learning Basic Course KNX from GlobalVizion, which was discounted because of the COVID pandemic. I bought it and finished it a few weeks later, it's a theoretical part and a practical part.

The course concludes with a theoretical test. After passing the test (with at least a mark of 7), you will automatically receive a one-time certificate of participation. You can obtain the KNX certificate and be enrolled as a partner in the KNX Association KNX, after taking an exam via an approved worldwide training center (incl. 12 hours physically practicum lessons).

So I did at GlobalVizion/InstaVer at Hazerswoude dorp (again theoretical and practicum lessons and tests)

I passed with 8.0 and 8.4 scores, so now I can officially call myself a KNX Partner!

E-learning Basic Course KNX

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